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In Paris, the 1920's - Two "Jazz Age" Girls - The French called these years "Années Folles" ("Crazy Years")Greta Garbo ‘The Temptress’, by Louise Ruth Harriet 1926greta garbo1920's OutfitJean Harlowjean harlow1920s1920Viola Tree by Bassano, 19231923

Florica Alexandresco, ca. 1924


1920's1920's1920Bridal party c.1920s1920sFlapper192019201920's Vintage lingerie (winter  1920)Vintage Lingerie and stockings held by gartersU.S. Two friends with their sodas and Model T, 1920s | Flickr by jarmie52Vintage photograph: couple kissing under an umbrella, 1920's1920’s Photo by Charles Gates Sheldon1920

1920flapper fun1920s1920s19201920s fashion1920#1920s models1920s.19201920s1920s fashion!1920s fashion love this hat!1920’s Fashion - freedom to show off more of your femininity, or deny it altogetherFashionable girls, 1920s.

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