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feuilletons l album


Denton, Texas, 1890



Tin Type



Mug shot: Goldie Williams, alias Meg Murphy. Vagrancy, Omaha, Nebraska, 1898



Avis and Amanda



Children in their award winning fairy costumes show off their trophies, c. early 1900s



Alice Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt’s eldest daughter, who not only cut her wedding cake with a sword, defied all the conventions of her day regarding women, and who  also had a pillow embroidered with her most famous quote on her couch; “If you haven’t got anything good to say about anybody, come sit next to me.” 1902

How the Other Half Lives: Studies Among the Tenements of New York, by Jacob Riis, c.1890


Rita Hayworth, 1941


Alice Elizabeth Doherty



Bandit’s Roost, 59 1/2 Mulberry Street The heart of New York City’s crime-ridden slum life in the mid-to-late 1870s was located between Mulberry Bend and the Five Points area. The levels of population density, disease, infant and child mortality, unemployment, prostitution, violent crime, drug abuse and general destitution in this area were staggering. Photo by Jacob Riis, 1888


Playing by the water, Jacob Riis, 1895



Cabinet Card, Norfolk, Virginia, c. 1880



A mother and child


Theodore Roosevelt's son Quentin and his friend Roswell Pinckney, 1902







by Alfred Stieglitz, 1887


Seattle, 1917


The eight Kennedy children, 1928





CDV Photo 2 Handsome Young Boys, Phoenixville


:::::::: Photographie antique ::::::::: image admirablement claire et détaillée d'une jeune fille prise en Moravie, République tchèque. Autour de 1910








"Dorothy on the railing, 1906"


Des enfants qui jouent, de 1956 à 1958 par Oscar van Alphen


Garçon victorienne en costume marin ... ca. 1880 à 1890


Mary Pickford





1920 de mariée




Pit bull Nanny



Partons pour un tour












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